Grunkle Stan (Stanford Pines) the great uncle of Dipper and Mabel Pines . He runs and lives in The Mystery Shack , which is called "the world's most bizarre museum". Grunkle Stan is a salesman who has set up a successful shop in town to sell his knickknacks. He puts effort into showmanship, and is able to make money by peddling the trinkets and baubles in his store. He has a drive to make money, and sometimes counterfeits and steals money. When he is not making money, he is at home watching television. Stan almost always wears a? fez? and speaks of the "boys from the? lodge", who he claims do not "like" or "trust" him. He sends the twins on what they consider to be outrageous and unpredictable errands, but it is shown that he is protective of them and loves them unconditionally. He has a hidden staircase to an unknown location hidden behind his vending machine.