Editing Articles

  • No false information
  • No bad language
  • No making goofy links such as, Mabel, THE BEST CHARACTER EVER! Just don't do that
  • No text language, or unesessary caps. iT LoOks WEird wHEN u dO ThT! (For this example, it is okay)
  • No weird abreviations. It's one thing if it's information to info or okay to ok.
  • Stay on topic! If you're gonna write about Dipper, then write about Dipper. Talk about other things in the comments, blogs or in chat.


  • No bad language
  • Text language and unnessesary caps are OK here (also any abreviations)
  • Be nice! If you are mean, you will get blocked.


  • Do I even have to say it? No bad language!
  • Be nice or once again, you will get blocked.


  • Once again, be nice to everyone. Nice people can get pretty far in life.

Have fun editing!