Deputy Durland is? a policeman who is also Sheriff Blubs' partner and right-hand man. He is shown to be very unintelligent and childlike, shown when Mabel comments that she does not even think he can read. Sheriff Blubs seems to find these qualities endearing, and refers to him as a "diamond in the rough". Instead of "doing their duties," he and sheriff Blubs like to joke around (taking their shirts off and running around fire hydrants, etc.).

Sheriff Blubs is? ? the Gravity Falls sheriff. He is shown to be rather lazy, often choosing to sit around and drink coffee instead of pursuing a case. Despite his apparent lack of police skills, he has a superiority complex, and often looks down on the kids, undermining their mystery solving abilities. This lazy personality seems to stem from the extremely low amount of crime in Gravity Falls, which is evidenced when Deputy Durland once comments on how unused their equipment is.