Happy wendy

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 Wendy is a mellow, "cool" 15-year-old girl who is a part-time employee at The mystery shack (((hyperlink for mystery shack??)) She is also Dipper's crush and Dipper goes out of his way to impress Wendy in some of the episodes. Wendy is the oldest child in her family, and her father is Manly Dan, the lumberjack of Gravity Falls. She is quite sociable, with many friends who are around her age. Her boyfriend is Robbie, whom Dipper despises for his pursuit of Wendy. Many Dipper/Wendy shippers (Wendippers) use the fact that a majority of the times, in front of Robbie, Wendy will stand up for Dipper. This shows Wendy does care about Dipper, but not necesseraly in a romantic manner.